Loyal Brokers

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As a veteran international financial company, there is nothing more than a professional compliance to reflect the long-term strategy of a company. Loyal Brokers is an international diversified group headquartered in London. Since its establishment in 2013, Loyal Brokers has grown rapidly. The subordinate industry covers industrial, financial investment, as well as foreign exchange, index, stock and other online electronic trading products. Provides diversified options for your investment management


Loyal Brokers United Finance is a professional service provider providing foreign exchange margin, commodity CFD, and securities CFD network transactions. By the end of 2017, the Loyal Brokers joint financial branch spreads globally, with operations in more than 80 countries around the world. With its strong capital strength, it continues to develop its global expansion strategy. Whether you are an individual investor or an institutional investor, you will receive financial security, advanced platform technology, low transaction costs, and best-in-class service support at Loyal Brokers

Growing up

Loyal Brokers has grown rapidly since its founding in London in 2013, with over 100,000 active clients, over 5,000 active IB partners and a trading volume exceeding US$13 trillion.
Loyal Brokers establishes offices in major financial centers around the world, including London, Cyprus, Vanuatu, Dubai, Beijing, Shanghai, etc.

Our provide

Loyal Brokers provides investors with up to 200 foreign exchange and other financial derivatives, including foreign exchange, spot and futures, stock indexes, stocks, ETFs, bonds and traditional options.
At the same time, it provides three trading software platforms to achieve one-stop trading, MT5 trading platform suitable for PCs and mobiles and adopting STP-ECN mode, as well as an interactive and powerful CRM system and market-leading education and training.
Strive to meet the investment needs of various traders.
In addition, Loyal Brokers also provides a variety of transaction assistance tools to help investors improve their ability to outperform the market.

Our core values

Both moral integrity and control risk are the eternal topic of the industry, professional things to professional people to do

Understand customer needs, find investment opportunities, provide unlimited support, do their best to meet customer expectations, exceed customer expectations

Create one of the most professional brokers People team, unique leader in realizing wealth growth and growth