Product review

Loyal Brokers has been providing the most extensive financial trading products for investors around the world

Stable and safe trading environment and the most professional financial services to ensure that you get a good trading experience in . At present, foreign exchange, stock index/stocks and various types of CFDs are the mainstream and hot trading products in the international financial market. There are many investors involved and the transaction volume is huge. You only need to open a trading account with Loyal Brokers to get over 200 trading products and easily participate in international financial market investment.


The world’s largest financial market More than 60 currency pairs Choose up to 400:1 leverage 5*24 hours T+0 bilateral transaction

Precious Metals (Gold/Silver)

The world’s most popular hedge Gold product leverage up to 100 times Extremely low transaction threshold

The stock index/stock

20 major global stock indexes More than one hundred European and American well-known listed stocks Leverage above traditional stock markets


Diversified varieties offer more choices Meet investor asset allocation requirements Low threshold for global high mobility Very competitive trading conditions