Agency support


Help IB avoid all kinds of risks

For IB, which does not have its own signals, we provide a number of top-notch signals that are currently open for free and will continue to be updated and increased. IB can add its own signal as needed, or it can turn on or turn off the signal in the source repository.

Independent settings follow each The proportion of funds in the signal to achieve a reasonable allocation of funds

When the net value is lower than the set value Stop following current signals to protect account funds

Hedge with single mode can Against the direction of a single, technical hedge (coming soon)

IB agent

IB agent plan introduction

Whether you are a company or an individual, as long as you have customer resources and investment awareness, you have the opportunity to become a commission on Loyal Brokers IB

  • Flexible and generous commission structure
  • Perfect Chinese-English Translation System
  • Strong marketing support
Why choose us?

As a professional rookie in the industry, Loyal Brokers is a long-term partner you can trust.

  • Strong domestic strength and safety of customer funds
  • Multiple account types, high quality execution of transactions
  • Abundant resources, 24 hours professional service customer service
Apply for agent steps

You only need to go through the following three steps to become a Loyal Brokers partner

  • The first step: contact us
  • The second step: qualification review
  • The last step: Open Account

The advantage of becoming a broker

COFX The Financial Group is committed to providing one-stop support services for our partners, tailoring professional training according to the needs of agents. We promise that generous commissions are just the beginning.

Rich and diverse marketing

Strong IT support

Perfect training program

Diversification of account types

Mature rebate system and settlement system

24-hour service

Safe, stable, trading platform

Dedicated account manager