Forex Trading

Access to the world’s largest financial market via Loyal Brokers – foreign exchange market

The so-called foreign exchange transactions (“FOREX” or “FX”) refer to the exchange or sale of currencies in different countries. The conversion rate is called the exchange rate. Forex trading varieties in the form of currency pairs, such as the euro against the US dollar (EUR / USD), we buy the euro at the same time we also sell the US dollar. Forex trading has the characteristics of two-way trading (ie, long or short) and can use leverage, so foreign exchange trading is a financial derivatives transaction.

Foreign exchange market characteristics

More than 60 currency pairs spreads as low as 0.8 points

Up to 400 times the red rod magnification charge usage

5*24 hours continuous operation without stopping

Daily rich educational resources and market analysis

1+0 access to the market at any time can be two-way transaction C

What is the foreign exchange market?

The foreign exchange market is an intangible market, also known as the off-market market, because it does not have a trading center or an exchange but trades through an electronic network.

The world’s foreign exchange market is composed of the foreign exchange markets of international financial centers. The most important ones are London, New York, Paris, Tokyo, Switzerland, Singapore, Hong Kong, etc

They have their own characteristics and are located in different countries and regions, and they are mutually Contact has formed a global unified foreign exchange market and is also the world’s largest financial market.

Major players in the market

Most forex traders focus on the hottest and most liquid currencies. The major currencies include the U.S. dollar, the Japanese yen, the euro, the British pound, the Swiss franc, the Canadian dollar, and the U.S. dollar. Loyal Brokers provides more than 60 currency pairs, in addition to these major currencies, it also offers a variety of currencies in emerging economies.

Central Bank (central bank)

Foreign Exchange Bank (specialized for exchange bank)

Forex Broker (broker)

Foreign exchange dealers (foreign exchange trader)

Multinational companies (multinational company)

Foreign exchange speculators (speculator on foreign exchange)

Importers and Exporters and others Forex traders