MetaTrader 5

The Loyal Brokers MT5 client provides a very useful analysis tool. Each financial product can choose nine time quotes to provide detailed dynamic quote analysis. More than 50 indicator tools can help simplify your analytical work, so that you can clearly analyze the current market situation, determine the rising period or the oscillation period and other different periods, determine when to buy or sell, in addition, in addition, you through this The way you can manage different financial products is a real-time trading system that makes you feel very useful.

Loyal Brokers MT5 contains all the financial product trading functions you need. The terminal software supports two types of order execution, including instant execution and pending order execution. All types of orders are available to ensure that your order is completely comprehensive and flexible.

We provide several methods and combine charts to check your order price. The embedded graphic design allows you to clearly view the order price and throw the price point, so that you can accurately view the best time quotes. The alarm tool is another very handy tool to help you keep track of various favorable entry and exit opportunities. Therefore, with the Loyal Brokers MT5 transaction, you can implement your effective trading strategy.

Software advantage

Technical Analysis Real-Time Investment Research Leading Supplier

24-hour foreign exchange market full coverage technical analysis

High quality research analysis, world benchmark in technical analysis

Provide investment strategies for various assets, covering stocks, indices, currencies, commodities, and other products

The world’s most extensive source of technical analysis information

Provide various investors with the charts and analysis they need to make reasonable judgments

Easy to install, can be found in the technical indicators under the MT5 platform navigation window after installation